Poems by Anna M. Glover 2010. These are my original poems. If you would like to use my poems,please give me credit and use a link to this site.


My heart was dark with shame

Until I trusted Jesus' name

His love drove the darkness away

Now my Lord is in my heart to stay

I want others to see

That Light that dwells in me

I try my best to do what is right

Every day is an ongoing fight

One day, I'll meet the Righteous One

My loving Jesus-God the Son.













The Great Physician

My soul was blistered in sin

Pus of unrighteousness flowing over

Until the Great Physician took me in

And put the salve of Salvation from Jehovah.


I could not wait for the Healing to begin

So I began to pluck at the blisters sore

My impatience caused me unecessary pain

Until the Great Physcian reminded me that one day, it would pain no more.


He said that Patience is a Virtue

That I would have to heal with time

There is nothing else that I can do

To completely heal that soul of mine


One day, He said, He will come again

To take all the souls that  He'd touched

My soul would be completely healed and free from pain

NO more blisters of sin or unrighteousness or anything as such.


I will wait on you my Doctor Divine

Meanwhile help me to send other blistered souls to your door

For one day I will rejoice on this healed soul of mine

And live with you forever more.






A Servant's Heart


Oh Lord, I come to you with bended knees

To you I give my deepest love

It is you that I aim to please

Heavenly Father from above


You said that I can come to you anytime

That I do not need a human mediator

My Lord,My Master Divine

My Merciful and Loving Creator


You've known what it's like to be in my shoes

You've been tempted yet undefiled

You had everything to lose

Yet, for my sake, you willingly became reviled


Give me a servant's heart

So that I can be just like You

Set me aside from the world apart

And guide me on what I should do