Dining in Heaven

Today, I went to my daughter's school to volunteer at the media center since the book fair is this week. Afterwards, I enjoyed having lunch with my daughter. The classes sat at different tables.In my daughter's class, the kids had assigned seats but because I was there, she was able to sit at the end with me. As I look around, I saw all the excited faces of the kids chattering non-stop.I do not think they were noticing what they were eating.Their little faces just lit up when talking to each other. For a little while during the day, they were all able to relate to each other without too much intervening from adults

I wonder what dining in Heaven would be like. Will I sit next to my Lord? Will He be passing the plate around? I wonder what it would feel like to have eye contact with Him. I know the food will be delicious and no one will choke or get food poisoning! Every meal will be a grand feast. No one will vie for His attention because He will make time for us. Not only will our stomachs be filled but so will our hearts!